“GO Beg near the temples!”

Ironical and contrasting heading, isn’t? More contrasting and ironical it’ll be when you’ll read what comes next.

The story of a family. :))

We all come across several problems in our life. Tragedy, horrific, life, death, crisis and whatsoever. And to be honest, that’s what life is made up of. I’m to narrate a story of what I’ve recently discovered. Here it goes,

One fine afternoon, it was 3pm almost. The windows of my room were opened, wanted some bright light to enter my room and to feel the mix cool and warm breeze after having a heavy lunch after days. Sat with my physics book, reading about vision. It states that vision is when light helps you see anything around you. And then memorising all those questions from the reference and went on with it. Being a social networking manic, along side was I surfing twitter. Reading all the horse trading of MLAs, destroying democracy. And then it stroke my mind that, “VISION” can it be a person’s perception? If so, how can a MLA for money change their party? Such “Bikao”? Moving on, that’s not the point I’m about to narrate today.

As I was peeping down the window, I saw a rare scenario. It was  something that just pulled me off. I saw some ladies, mix aged, old and in the 40s, with their children, collecting woodlogs, and branches to burn fire may be. They were really very poor. The most intense thing I saw, was the little boy carrying a heavy load over his back. The load consists of nothing but two pillows, and a mastress may be. That was the time I stared them intensely. Because it indicated that they might just not have a land to live in.

They were carrying and putting the dry branches collectively in a place. Their daughter and son may be, also giving their helping hands too brought the log of branches. As to when another lady, of a higher standard may be, came across and gave a loud shouting. “OI KI KORISO TOHOTI EIBUR?“, meaning, “WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE” in a very unpleasant manner. They got a sudden call so got surprised and the little boy infact tripped down on the land as to the it was not a desirable one, they were broken glasses, bottles, disposal packets and all sort of garbades. The lady then, in a very supreme manner said she would file a CASE against them and approached higher authority. I felt for a moment it might be their land but the thing wasn’t something that I was thinking it to be. They were forced to leave the place without anything. They had to return empty handed. The lady used such harsh words, that can easily hurt anyone’s sentiments. What was there to showcase such words? Will they understand what higher authority means?

They belonged to the Muslim community, thus she referred them to go and beg in temples. But then corrected herself as, “you all are muslim, and you should not even deserve to beg; and that too in temples, go to your Mazid” The little boy, and the little older girl feared in terror and were whipping their eyes. I felt so bad.

They left without uttering a single word. Sad faces and a feeling such of searching for something to survive might have struck them ofcourse.

But the saddest part and the part to focus is, when they left. The lady laughed so hard and said, “I was so frustrated today. I finally took all my anger out. It was so peaceful. And those Bangladeshis, why do they to come here, when they could beg.” And this was something that I found so ironical.

These people deserves a good lesson to be learnt someday. I hope that happens soon. 

This conceptualisation of a person must change. Why to suppress someone who isn’t even disturbing you in your part and someone who isn’t at your level. Moreover, she too brought the issue of caste and religion. You got no right to do that. Call it Secular, mean it Secular.


The Indian Feelings.

This is how our Indian feels today. Hung in a dusty, lonely and forest land. Not a desired form of expressing.

How India gain the feelings of Nationalism? As per preparing for my HSLC, the reports that my book tells, Nationalism feeling started growing when Indians understood their oppresion under the Colonial Government. This Anti-Colonial feelings led to the start-up for Indians’ nationalism feelings to emerge.

India became Independent. Became Republic. Claimed as a Democratic country, with becomibg a secular country too. Political Parties further changed in the Central from 1989 onwards. With a most effective form of coalition government where from Minorities & Majorities together made the country’s democracy.

With 10 years of Historical Reign by Dr. Manmohan Singh and co, came to power was a full majoritarial Government under the likes of current Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi destroying rest of the opposition. Almost creating history after Indira Gandhi’s government back then. Clean sweeping many states, bring BJP into the spotlight also sweeping Assam’s historical 15 years reign by Shri Tarun Gogoi government.  Ofcouse, Modi’s promises, agendas and programmes made the public decide this so intense and significant decision.

People in numbers supported the Demonetisation step that was meant to curb black money holders but later which turned out to be a result for the country going cashless. Definitely, politics aren’t real with words.

A brief summary about my nationalism feelings. We’ve a constitution, assuring us proper rights. Equality, dignity, freedom. 

The Class 10 civics book states, a Democratic country : Provides Equality, Allows room for correction, maintain the dignity of every individual, freedom of speech. 

I’m not trying to be intellectual providing notes from websites and reports but trying to keep it with the basics.

After 2014, there were seriously some issues that clearly devastated the country’s dignity.

Gurmehar Kaur, a name all must today know about. She’s claimed to be an Anti-Nationalist. Do you know why?

This is what she wrote. Please read it again.

The actual interpretation of her protest was, as follows.

She was a 6 years old child, when she tried to stan a lady in Burkha. She told, her father who died fighting an Indo-Pak war, THE KARGIL WAR, didn’t die for Pakistan, he died for the WAR. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHERE SHE WENT ANTI-NATIONAL? Continuing, her mother made her understand its not Muslims that killed her father, it’s the war that did. Just because she held the card claming Pakistan not killing but war did, made her an anti-nationalist today?

If so, what’s wrong when Modi paid a surprise visit to Nawaz Sharif had Biriyani, and then after months had the Pathankot incident?

Virendra Sehway, Randeep Hooda, Phogat Sisters criticised her reading just one play card, did they read the rest? No, surely they didn’t. 

Can anyone carry the guts to seek attention with the name of a death father? What will she do?

Adding on, self-proclaimed bhakts making it political claimed Congress & Aam Aadmi Party forged and poisoned her to do so. But, I’m glad BJP’s ex-cabinet and senior leader, famous actor, Shatrughan Sinha supported her. Will now the BJP-ABVP too call him anti-nationalist?

Under quoted lines, “ABVP claimed to rape her opening on social media, and many other abused her.” Also, this will lead you an example.


Abusers abused her with such a criminal wordings, no Phogat sisters, Sehwag or Hooda stood by that? Have some dignity for the girl before anything. She’s being threatened for rape no reactions were observed then.

2014, and Modi Government’s many promises might succeed, or might go for vain but yes, it did divided India into two groups, “Self-proclaimed” Nationalists & Anti-Nationalist.

Hear completely was she’s trying to say. Don’t misinterpret it in sake for a Cong/AAP vs BJP fight. When a country’s constitution allows room for freedom of speech, let them speak. And if you don’t, please throw some junks like KRK out of the country, who abuses people with undesired words openly. We’ll salute and call you a nationalist. Punish the rapist as soon as possible, don’t let them roam freely. We’ll call you a nationalist then. Show your patriotism with your actions and stands at the correct place judging the entire scenario. Comments like, “I didn’t make triple century, my bad did” shows your personification. Make India democratic again!

What should music be in our lives?

Music has the power to heal wounds, to beautify your truly loved life, to make you feel at the top of the sky, to make explore a world in each word our literature comprises. It helps you explore with a sentence that can explain a lifelong story. In short that’s Power of Music.

But what happens when beauty soul inherit some “bacteria” or “fungi” kind of stuffs, that literally spreads and can destroy the entire being?

Assam, a state of multi-culture, as preparing for my HSLC, in my Assamese text book discovered our colourful and variety of cultures in Assam. Music is also something that varies over places, but the metaphors remain same.

Music started up. It reached to each and every corner of the world, though the earth is circular. 🙂 

A simple sentence, and you add up Music. What’s the result. It’s extreme sweetness and soulful theme that can take you a new world. A world that enables you to discover another world in yourself.

The beauty of Music is inherited. You all have the ability of relating yourself to Music, some or how. You write music, you perform music, you understand music, you compose music, you hear music, and then you become magic.

Assam, being a land of India’s, and for sure the world’s greatest Musical Maestro Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, one who could write, compose, arrange, sing and perform all by himself. 

Assam is praised for its beauty in Music for such Maestros. Producing new talents every now and then, we got some living legends like Zubeen Garg, J.P Das, Dipen Boruah, people I truly admire. Whereas moving apart from the simple instrumental arrangements, we’ve got Angarag Papon Mahanta taking Assamese Music Industry into a whole new level, when Assamese Music can be produce through electronic sounds. A great update isn’t it?

What then when you get some super idiotic songs where every sentence instead of metaphors comprises of “Fokotiami” or you say, a song when produced by a loon, who knows nothing about music, will sound like.

I was willing to update some statements about a guy, but I’m not willing to put up his pictures and videos to litter my hard worked blogs.

Rahul Deka, a boy that eventually littering this classic and talented Assamese Industry. Producing songs that couldn’t be heard, where lyrics has no eventual meanings but comprising of 3rd Graded languages, when each line has double meanings, which can actually be replaced with slangs.

There video’s get, a 30k+ views in a day. Not just, “Heri Heri”, but it’s sad to see “Superman becoming a Handyman”, whereas, “Washing Power Nirma” is not a washing detergent but a song. In a place like, Assam where words comprised of such beautiful soulful meanings, songs today by “Nobo Projonmo”, (new generation) comprises of stupid topics that make no sense.

What’s a Rap song? It’s got such beautiful meanings in every sentence structure, but our teenagers first believe is Swag! Man, swag for kids, really men are classic. Your words even are worse than slangs we use daily. (I’m being casual cause, I’m really hurt to see such a disgrace to our Music Industry.)

I, myself, am engaged to the Musicians world, as I started learning to play guitar, and inspired by my father learnt to write and compose songs. I wrote three songs so far, but could release just two of them, as it’s not that easy to produce a finer song for this industry. But these culprits like Rahul Deka are seriously disgracing our industry.

They say, it’s for gaining popularity with such songs within a day, where they would stand in controversy and gain Bihu functions, earn bundles of money, buy cars and houses. Who are responsible for these? Them? No, I totally don’t believe so.

For such disgrace to our industry, I blame myself, I blame the entire public. People now claiming to opt a censored board to approve a music to be released. No, we don’t need a censorship to stop these humiliating acts. We need courage, we need self-believe, we just need unity. 

Why do we people watch such videos, can’t we simply boycott? Can’t we simply take legal steps against such criminals? C’mon public, let’s not litter our beloved industry that Maestros have made famous all over the world.

Stand united against unjust, stand united against improper work people does today. Crimes are less, criminals are more. Decrease crime, you decrease criminals. Like we took steps protecting One-Horned Rhinos, it’s high to to take steps protecting our industry. Don’t let it go vain. It’s precious, for us, for our future. Don’t sit and follow laws, make laws and punish the disgrace to our society.

Sameli memsaheb.

Smile, the prettiest action or emotion you say. Glittered with happiness, sight of relief, enjoyment of life, whatelse can’t a simple smile describe. For many to die for smile, for many to re-live for a smile. SMILE, Simply Means to Infinitely Love Everyone. This is what smile stands for me.

I’m here to write about a special person in our family. Her name is Sameli, simply someone my photographs and words come out so perfectly.

My late Grandmother, found her in a railway station, somewhere in Tezpur. After my Grandfather passed away, Aita had been living alone with only companionship of this lady. It’s almost more than a couple of decades or so, since she has been with us.

As she told us, she knows all about her family, but doesn’t know where do they live, or where is she from. And so after that, she made us her family. 🙂

Abstract writings are something I really enjoy doing. Here’s my first abstract blog though.

Sameli, loves hearing a suffix “DIDI” after a name. Ever since, I, my sister and our cousins got up with our senses we never called her Didi, but always Sameli. Later as we grew up and saw how she feels, for her love, we started calling her so. Her favorite word, “DIDI” 🙂

Sameli is not a normal person like us, it’s awkward to say directly but by any means a special person too. She’s a little sort of disordered person, may be the curse of the childhood from her let her become so. But never mind, always treated her like our own relationed people. An absent minded, short tempered lady she is. You’ll never know when her brain will strike out of anger.

Always smiling, laughing, talking to herself knowing nothing about what’s going in and around over the place, her smile has got some relief and satisfaction which we people normally don’t. Reading newspapers upside-down, and watching news and laughing at when people gets beaten up are daily activities of Sameli. Sameli, my Aita’s one of the closest to her.

My model of every portfios in my home itself, Sameli.

Yet, so many things but still words lack for describing a smile which carry meanings of all.

A smile, that belongs to hardship of life, struggles, and that which can face in life, and can make your life struggle for all. 

Her smile has got that pain of life that hardly some can accept and overcome. That’s the toughest part of one’s life. It’s easy to see, hard to believe and impossible to experience.

People make laws, or laws make people?

Let’s begin with a quote by Thomas Jefferson, and I quote “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, but he is obligated to do so.”

Being a citizen of an growing country like India is surely to be proud of, but some cases and issues really can drop your head high living down.

I’m sure everyone today are all aware of social media and what’s right or wrong in public’s view never take a long duration today.

In a country like ours, we’ve a set of strict rules which are to be followed by each and every citizens inhabiting here, from the commoners to the one who are responsible for maintaining the dignity of such laws.

I’m quite shocked as well as surprised with an issue that has risen up in the last couple of days. This issue has really shown the power of social media, the power of it unity a country’s youth together.

Today, all of you might be well-awared about this viral video that has shook Assam from its root to the petals. For the one who doesn’t knows about it, here’s a briefly described story.

“The youngster in the screen grab could be determine as someone who have stood for a good cause, of an illegal violation of law by the Guwahati City Police themselves. His name is Partha Pratim Baruah. A normal youngster working in Mukesh Hyundai, Ganeshguri for living out his life. A bike rider for sure as his profile says so.”

Here’s the issue that led to a chaos in the public, and eye opening step by the youngster.

“On 12th of Feb, 2017 Partha went live on Facebook. As it caught the attention gradually, it’s found he was being interrogated by the Guwahati City Police for checking his driving license, and his bike’s registration documents. He denied as according to Indian Law, a Police below sub-inspector designation cannot seek or ask for checking any such documents or license. Partha went live on Facebook where we saw the cops snatching his keys as he denied showing his documents. The Police present at that time was constables no sub-inspector or senior officer was present, that implies those policemen present over there can’t check over the documents. While he’s eye opening points flattered the people who were being checked on that spot too.”

The video went viral on the social media with having more than 300k viewers over it. Media started covering the issue overnight itself.

The next morning, Partha like usual went to his office, Mukesh Hyundai, Ganeshguri. He was on duty, was a force of policemen with armed officers reached his office. He was interrogated regarding the subject matter, he also remained live throughout. After an hour and half of interrogation in his office itself, he was being taken to Geetanagar Police Station for further enquiry. He was charged for using offensive words in public.

This is the arrest warrant that was charged on him

Police said he used offensive language towards them, but the live videos clearly shows his intention. A normal human psychology claims and reacts in frustration. He pointed no one will he used the slangs.

I wonder, when he took out his frustration with slangs pointing no one, who’ll say about the City Policemen using several Slangs with each and every words the flow out of their mouth?

The youth took it through the social media, preparing for Dharnas and protest in a legal procedure. Today, in India for an unjust laws, even to protest in fear of being untrapped by some irresponsible officers we’re to deal with these situations.

Currently Partha P. Baruah is been sent to Judicial Custody, yet not discovered for how many days. 

This is seriously a violation of law, not by Partha as a person, but by the Police department as a defender of the law.

What if these charges are over the policemen? They’ll surely overturn it cause laws aren’t meant for commoners it’s about how powerful you are.

Unjust use of power won’t hide the truth for sure.

I said by Partha Pratim Baruah, and I believe entire Assam will. It’s a battle for justifying our law for ourselves. The defenders of law, are blind of misusing their powers. It takes a lot of courage to take a stand like Partha did. Our take plays a crucial role today. If we stand firm, united people wins, if we don’t stand up for this, you’re set to live in a colonial kind of country where power can overturn your decision for the right and make a law exist for no longer.

BEAUTIFUL ASSAM, still lacks some beauty.

A story of a well-defined and a beautiful place in the north-eastern part of India. A land of the great Ahom Kings, once. One of the seven sisters, now eight. A land of multiple cultures and traditions, Assam. Rhino defining as the pride of the place, with several other things to be proud of.

In one of my previous blogs, I tried covering an issue of the endangerment of wild animals in the National Sanctuaries here. On how difficult is it for birds to survive in their own places.

In my latest blog, I would love to tell an untold of story of two “Women workers”.

The cover picture has been clicked in Deepor Beel. Known for famous birds, from different parts of the world inhabiting here. You would glimpse the best moments ever since the sun arises first. A very cool, tempted place situated within an emerging, popular city, Guwahati.

From the brown-headed Gull to the rare Pied Kingfisher all could be witnessed over this pretty place in Guwahati, Deepor Beel.

Dancing through.

 You can witness a beautiful scenario, contrasting the city view on the background.

But, do you know, Life of some families along with these birds survive in th is particular land.?

The story of the two hardworking ladies.

My lens moved further, shooting birds that came my way, when came down two ladies trying to find something in the water. They pull over once, came a broken bottle of wine. They does that once more, came out non-disposable packet.

I was in deep thought, until I saw the buckets and the tackle boxes with them. Once, I remember I read about people surviving, catching fishes for killing hunger of their families.

In a country, where women are said to be less than men, digging under the four walls of their homes and those who are not allowed to earn for their families, these ladies tend to be the Head of their families.

They said, it’s their work. Their profession.

Abstracting the picture, they moves towards the water. In search of some energy, and lives to add on. In search of some proteins to silence their noisy empty stomachs and that of their children.

As the sun kisses first in a day, they’re already onto their work, the work not for their passion, their work for survival, for livelihood. Even then you think a woman is less than a man? You must be kidding.

A work which is not designated, which earns them no salary. But a work that’s keeping them alive. That is being the only source they’re surviving.

Never underestimate a woman. A man is no more than a woman, a woman is no more than a man.

Concluding, Assam being highlighted and blessed with such beautiful locations, and things to be proud of, also comprises of some terrific things to infact break down. In between this beautiful place, content some families who need to sacrifice their potentiality to keep their families alive.

Assam, being such a beautiful place also carries some deep painful things, that are easy to ignore, but hard to believe. Stop littering the environment first. Helping these people in need, might be neglected by people today. Atleast let them survive in their own way. Don’t litter the water. Throwing broken bottles, and packets into the water, isn’t a great thing. Be a proud Indian, when you do such things. I call you anti-nationalist, for whoever is doing this.

Bird Sanctuary or Picnic Venture?

Pobitora, one of the bestest place for you & your family to spend some luxurious and adventurous time together.

Calculatively a distance of almost 30kms from the beautiful city of Guwahati lies a famous, and wonderful National WildLife Sanctuary, Pobitora. With beautiful of Animals, the route to this place comprises of Mayong, the land known for black magic. Beautiful trees, old and heritage stones of more a triple thousand years, it’s a very beautiful and peaceful place to be in.

Pobitora is well-known for its famous one horned rhinoceros. The one-horned rhinoceros is only found in Assam. It’s found in most of the national wildlife sanctuaries in Assam, but in large numbers only in Pobitora. This huge pride of Assam, is the rarest of all. Probably rarest in the world. 

The delightful place for photographers.

Beautiful sceneries, capturable moments, and rarest animals and birds, on your lenses will be perfect. Pobitora is surely the place you must look into. 

But why is this place made for picnic businesses, or other noisy programmes?

First of all, what is a national park? Or a wildlife century? In order to enjoy the appearance of Animals, usually while having an in forest safari, the guards ask us to remain quiet for observing and watching out these beautiful animals. But why not we remain silent for 10kms away from the national park area? As the entire area of Pobitora has been marked as a national park! 

The density of rare animals will be ofcourse decreasing with such uncivilized disturbance made by us, the people. Carrying a bus full of music decks, people gathering in huge numbers and making noises, aren’t they violent against a law of the country? Why can’t these uncivilized works be under-mined?

This is a picture during my photography tour to Pobitora. This place is just less than a km from the entrance to the wildlife sanctuary.

Is this justified?

Throwing non-disposable polythene bags, liquor bottles, papers, packets, and food wastage here and there over the peaceful land of this sanctuary is not at all justified. 

Please, my humble request. Be civilized with such behaviors. Following a national party, or a leader won’t make you a nationalist. You’ve some responsibilities, that makes you a nationalist. Don’t act so uncivilized, safe your mother nature. Save your pride, save the beauty of your state. You’re acting like the poachers that kills animals, and make them endangered. You’re killing the environment, and making it endangered. Grow up, it’s high time now.

Be recognized as a Proud Indian, not self-proclaimed.

Youth, the future of our nation.
India’s republic turns 68 today. After a hard fought battle against the British, ofcourse escaping from such a terror colonial was remarkable by our freedom fighters and leaders that made their vision of a Republic and Independent India, we live today. Development marched for the country ever since then. Political problems, issues are minimal to be judged. Accordingly it’s a huge impact, but a country’s child percentage plays the most important role in development of the country.
The issue I’m going to write about is

CHILD LABOUR and its impact for country’s development.
From the Wikipedia, it is observed that according to the 2011 national census of India, it was found that the number of child labour, aged 4-12 years is 4.35million, and the total number of children in our country is 259.64million.
This has not just been a barricade to the children but a harmful illegal work that’s being proceeding in our country.
At an age where the little angels must fly around the world, these little children are being worked on factories, restaurants, and other places of business.
Let’s make a bold decision of not employing any child as labour of our works, as far as we can. Because, democracy is people. We can’t wait for someone to enact, we should be the first.
Don’t just be a Proud Indian through words and writings, be a proud Indian through your goodness and works, because it’s not proud when you mention it yourself. It’s when people recognise as so. 

Politicians are comedy, Comedians are reality.

As the world march towards development, we see people’s opinions, ambitious and sense developing too. When once people believe at certain motives a single person handed, today they don’t lack of choices and options.
A common humour they spread around the social network, it said, “Today, the world laugh at politicians and listen to comedians”. A true fact, that with careless words many politicians have let their personality down. People are wiser today. They don’t simply fall on traps enacted with stupid logics. Today, comedians share more logical views than that of politicians. Seriously, the world needs a change.

Why so? Can anyone answer this?

In search of votes and supports, people often loose their strength and capability of standing stiff. When today, comedy shows are reaching a milestone level, they’re all full of humours and sensible things, which are more relevant to the country’s development than that of what our leaders speak. 

We may shout for democracy, but do we really enjoying our heritage in democracy? Ofcourse, better than the colonial days. But being numbed, and submerged under the leaders we must’ve forgotten that, when it’s democracy no one stands stronger than the people.

A latest report from the Toi stated that,  a sum of Rs. 7833 cr is being earned by political parties from unknown sources. Where do this money come from? The Congress (INC) comprises it’s 89% of their income from unknown sources, and BJP comprises of 69%. 

This is a huge fact that have come to the limelight.

 Always remember, it’s democracy not demo-looky. You’ve the legal rights of questioning people asking for bribes and stuffs. The government alone can make no difference, if the people stand, they succeed.

“If you’re born poor, that’s not your fault, if you die poor, that’s your fault.” – Bill Gates

Like, BILL GATES says, you’re not to be blame if you are born poor, but you should be blamed if you die poor.

Life is full of opportunities, and chances. You must know how to grab it with full aspect. Everyone must have a proper ambition in life, of achieving something, becoming someone from no one. 

You must be the fire, that stands strong above up. That melts everything that comes its way. That must be you. Life is exceptional. It never comes via the straight path, obstacles, turning, ups & downs are to always be overcome. Because, the feeling of getting something is valued only when you put your blood and bleed your determination through it. That’s what I’ll like to portray through my photograph.

Remember, life always gives you a second chance. Grab it. Be the person you’re, not someone you aren’t meant to be.