Be recognized as a Proud Indian, not self-proclaimed.

Youth, the future of our nation.
India’s republic turns 68 today. After a hard fought battle against the British, ofcourse escaping from such a terror colonial was remarkable by our freedom fighters and leaders that made their vision of a Republic and Independent India, we live today. Development marched for the country ever since then. Political problems, issues are minimal to be judged. Accordingly it’s a huge impact, but a country’s child percentage plays the most important role in development of the country.
The issue I’m going to write about is

CHILD LABOUR and its impact for country’s development.
From the Wikipedia, it is observed that according to the 2011 national census of India, it was found that the number of child labour, aged 4-12 years is 4.35million, and the total number of children in our country is 259.64million.
This has not just been a barricade to the children but a harmful illegal work that’s being proceeding in our country.
At an age where the little angels must fly around the world, these little children are being worked on factories, restaurants, and other places of business.
Let’s make a bold decision of not employing any child as labour of our works, as far as we can. Because, democracy is people. We can’t wait for someone to enact, we should be the first.
Don’t just be a Proud Indian through words and writings, be a proud Indian through your goodness and works, because it’s not proud when you mention it yourself. It’s when people recognise as so. 

Politicians are comedy, Comedians are reality.


As the world march towards development, we see people’s opinions, ambitious and sense developing too. When once people believe at certain motives a single person handed, today they don’t lack of choices and options.
A common humour they spread around the social network, it said, “Today, the world laugh at politicians and listen to comedians”. A true fact, that with careless words many politicians have let their personality down. People are wiser today. They don’t simply fall on traps enacted with stupid logics. Today, comedians share more logical views than that of politicians. Seriously, the world needs a change.

Why so? Can anyone answer this?

In search of votes and supports, people often loose their strength and capability of standing stiff. When today, comedy shows are reaching a milestone level, they’re all full of humours and sensible things, which are more relevant to the country’s development than that of what our leaders speak. 

We may shout for democracy, but do we really enjoying our heritage in democracy? Ofcourse, better than the colonial days. But being numbed, and submerged under the leaders we must’ve forgotten that, when it’s democracy no one stands stronger than the people.

A latest report from the Toi stated that,  a sum of Rs. 7833 cr is being earned by political parties from unknown sources. Where do this money come from? The Congress (INC) comprises it’s 89% of their income from unknown sources, and BJP comprises of 69%. 

This is a huge fact that have come to the limelight.

 Always remember, it’s democracy not demo-looky. You’ve the legal rights of questioning people asking for bribes and stuffs. The government alone can make no difference, if the people stand, they succeed.

“If you’re born poor, that’s not your fault, if you die poor, that’s your fault.” – Bill Gates

Like, BILL GATES says, you’re not to be blame if you are born poor, but you should be blamed if you die poor.

Life is full of opportunities, and chances. You must know how to grab it with full aspect. Everyone must have a proper ambition in life, of achieving something, becoming someone from no one. 

You must be the fire, that stands strong above up. That melts everything that comes its way. That must be you. Life is exceptional. It never comes via the straight path, obstacles, turning, ups & downs are to always be overcome. Because, the feeling of getting something is valued only when you put your blood and bleed your determination through it. That’s what I’ll like to portray through my photograph.

Remember, life always gives you a second chance. Grab it. Be the person you’re, not someone you aren’t meant to be.