Fish Curry, father’s weapon.

IMG_1221A little child of a village in Tezpur. He studies in Class II, in one of his nearby schools. He must be 8-9 years old. I found him while I was travelling into the Village, when he was sitting in the roadside helping his father. His father was putting up the net to catch some fishes. Not only the boy and his father, but there were many more doing the same thing.

As it’s monsoon, the water level has rose up high resulting in their homes being submerged into the water of the mighty Brahmaputra. The place they were fishing was actually over the land they used to live.

The place they live in, is actually not the village but a place situated outskirt to it.

When I asked him, do he like helping his father? He said, that he can’t stay alone at home. Later I came to know that he lost his mother a couple of months ago. Ever since then, he would never leave his father alone. The smile he carried was so genuine and intense. He seemed to be so delightful and happy helping his father.


The little kid, showed us how is fishing done, and took us for sight seeing some of the nearby places. And told us about the delicious food his father prepares, specially the “Mas’or jul” (A special fish item). All of a sudden we could easily realise how hard is the father working to help him grow up as a child providing the love on behalf of his mother as well.

The reason behind his mother’s death was even painful. The place they live in is actually a place where reality comes after superstition. “Daini” (witch) murder is certainly one of the biggest murder cases happening in Assam since long. It happens when people start believing that the woman has acquired traits of a witch and has to be killed.

In a world, where modern science has become so rapidly advance, and has dealt to solve to many sophisticated cases, Assam is another place where science is yet laying back to overcome the idea of superstition from people’s mind.

The concept of supertition generally happens in the backward regions. Why? We all must’ve valid and informative statements regarding it. The saddest part of our society today is, actions are taken in a lot advance no matter it is true or completely false.

In the race of life people certainly have lost the idea of Humanity. Being a student of Humanities today, it is my responsibility to spread such ideas amongst the people.


This father & son duo has surely struggled a lot in life.

These murder cases are exceeding all the limits in India today. Let it be the witch murder, the death of Muslims for carrying Beef, domination of the Bullies, and etc. The only way to resolve these issue is to broaden our minds. That’s it. Let’s be practical rather than being confined into the four walls.

India is a place where Supertition comes right before reality. The gap between the two is vast and needs to decline. Recently in Sadiya, a meteorite fell from the sky, which was later worshipped by the people. Why? Why is that so anything rare that happens today are engaged with either Religion or Politics. Will try to highlight few such cases too. This was an abstract story. The people here aren’t the one who had suffered such cases. People in the photographs don’t relate with the story. It was just for elaboration.


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