My Hero – Happy Father’s Day

Who is a real warrior?
From the day we are born, we find a hero in one our closest. The hero who we’ll find at any stages of our life.
From feeding us, and our entire family to running a place where work strikes so hard to them. They still don’t utter a sigh of disbelieve that might make us fall.
Managing two places always. The official work and then our house hold. I’ve never seen him ever mixing all together but very sincerely managing both his life together, without a simple disturbance to any of the other.
I’ve seen how my hero has stood up to face problems that very rarely people faces. There are many to criticise but a little to apologise. Because people speak what they want to, even if they people that’s not what is happening in reality.
From giving us everything we wanted, to never letting a tear to be drop on our cheeks, he tried and is always trying to keep us the happiest of all.
Happy Father’s Day dad. Just a little try to tell you how important you’re to me. No matter who says what, I give no damn to them, because everything you say are the reality and truth for me. You’re my hero. And very proudly I say, when I grow up, I want to be like you!


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