Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, to my mother and all the mothers around the globe. Life in earth is all dependent on you all.


“The beginning and ending of love rest in the arms of motherhood.
The chill of the arms of your mother on you is never described in words.
The inner joy you get, when you’ve your mother behind your back.
Very well said, “There’s a woman behind every successful man.”.


They’re always proud, whenever you do something good.
Did they ever laid back to support you when you needed anyone?
Picking your on their arms even at work.
To earn little penny, to get you whatever you want.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13

From the number of miss calls you got, every hour
to the one call you made asking her, “is everything fine, maa?”
From being carried to the bed to, carrying her to the bed,


The TIGHT HUGS, sigh..
The little dust flew with a little force of your hands.
And so did, all the mistakes and setbacks from our lives.
The entrance to abode of peace,
Are the arms of a mother.

I urge you,
If someone questions you, “Have you witness God?”
Don’t panic, look around.
You’ll find your parents ahead.


A sudden tremor then shook…
Melted down Mother Nature’s heart when she saw this.

The little child, who never had seen the love of a mother.
Those tough arms of the brother eventually carried him over.
No more stories he heard, like we used to do when we yelled in sorrow.
Quite maturely, he took care of his little brother.
Just to shower some love of their mother.
This is a life, that exists somewhere in Earth.
While we enjoy some deep fights with our parents,
They crave a little love to be showered upon them.


Some love never fades away,
Specially when it’s about your parents.

To my mom,
Thanks for being the pillar of my life. This day is meant for all the hard times you’ve come across for all of us. From the reason of Dad’s success to my startups, you’re our very reason. When we had people turning to us, who stood ahead to fight against all the odds. You always knew about what’s wrong or what’s right. Thanks for showing me the right path. Thanks letting me understand the power of silence. Thanks for teaching me life.
From your son….



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