With the cool sea breeze, high running current of the mighty river, sat beside on the slippery stones, a mother and a daughter. Seemed like they had a busy day so far, sweat dripping down their dark, tanned skin. Labour’s day was meant to be an off to them from their daily work, but never was practically declared. The daughter was keen to join her mother for her work as she had no schools, no tuitions, nothing. But that didn’t meant that she has nothing to do at home. Always dreaming of things which her parents usually never ever dreamt of. A very enthusiast on knowing about things she never came through.  With the sun playing hide & seek with the clouds, it perhaps went down for a moment gave them a little peace on earth during the hot, sunny weather.


As the cool air bloomed, mother unsealed her packet of a cheap cigarette, smoked as her daughter sat besides. Ragged clothes, surrounded with broken bottles, plastics and what not? Very knowingly did the daughter too enjoyed the time, looking at the pebbles being carried off by the high flowing water current, observing her mother enjoy the delightful feelings of her cheap cigarette, secretly in a deep thought of doing something better, because like always children think beyond what people imagine.



As the sun was busy playing hide & seek in between the pretty clouds, the mother after resting a while decided to start her work, because these hot, humid days are really bad for it. Her enthusiast daughter was keen on helping her, with her “wanna know more” attitude, obviously it describes perfectly how interesting & hardworking was she.


With her soft, little legs she walked through the pebbles & the big rocks, helping her mother, as she was enjoying the nature along side. She is definitely her mother’s best friend. Moving in from one place to another, only a sip of water she had, made her so energetic to even work harder. Well, ironically it wasn’t the food that gave her the energy to work, but her love towards her mother that helped her build her will and on that very day, when countryside people celebrated the “MAY DAY” as a holiday, in this part of the country, they discovered, a labour, the little girl who didn’t worked for the wages, but just to spend some extra time with her mother, and make her sweat lesser than what she actually did. 1st May, with the country sleeping and spending the holiday, the world discovered another pair of best friends. ❤ MOTHER ❤ DAUGHTER ❤

A mother’s best friend is always her daughter. No matter how much will she love her son, or no matter how much will the daughter claim herself to be closer to her father, the bond that a mother & her daughter shares cannot be described or expressed in words. It is defined well practically rather than in words. BEST FRIENDS, are family. They aren’t just being called for nothing. It should mean what it is meant for. 

Presenting a little story over labour day, which is a day to celebrate for us, but not for the labours for whom it is actually meant for.


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