Buttering- The X’factor

Being in India, we’re utmost familiar with the term “Buttering”. I would like to justify it as the ultimate “X-Factor”.

Usual scenarios, situations have made me realise the importance of Buttering.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wait, before I begin anything, I would like to clarify that, Buttering is not a proper term but something which is sarcastically used to define these accidents.

Now, Buttering has led to several progessions in an individual’s life. Though which goes against the country’s development, but will they worry? Ofcourse not.

Let me begin with a story related to the most influential sector for a country’s growth and development, “EDUCATION”

Now, a little mistake to guide the students today can be a huge mistake tomorrow. With some social awareness, we’ve seen the endangered life of students in the rural areas due to the lack of proper teachers. This is a serious threat, which is not letting the country’s literacy rate grow!

The story of a little school, “Kurukshetra of Siksha”, (Battleground of Education), be the name of the story!

A school that began from a very little space, became one of the most recognized school of a country. Providing education to over 10,000 students, and most of them passing out with brillant results. With no complains it began it’s journey but soon started with controversies that weren’t even related to it’s education. The Principal who had a rush of blood in building his dream school, investing everything he has, for the bright future of his students.

Soon, after years, the education sector became more linked with social, culture and extra curricular activities. That’s actually good, which really help a student discover his/her ambition of becoming a great person of a particular field. 

When, these steps are brilliantly taken and ordered by some great personalities of a country for it’s development, the real thing that matters is it’s execution. This is do or die stage where if you slip, you die. And when you die, you almost kill many.

The Guru, The God, The Angel of a students or a child’s life is their parents. Ofcourse, but the one who comes next, are their teachers. We’re all quite familiar with news related to the education in rural sectors where uneducated and illiterate teachers are hired which have created a serious threat to the country’s literacy growth as well as the bright future of a child.

India, has become a land of reservation, not deservation, this is said by many. But does that really portraits us the truth? 

No, I believe, with some corrupt and selfish people, India has become a land where BUTTERING, (Muska marna) creates several slots for people to work. 

The story of the school, continues…..

The school authority hired several new teachers, who started from the Junior classes, where they were just part timers. And some were the best teachers of higher classes. Loved and respected by each and every student of the school.

But, the shocking thing is when such junior teachers step up suddenly at positions, which aren’t even things to imagine.

What else but buttering? They will always be found in the office of the head of the school, compliments, and sweet words flowing continuously and what else?

These are not something that are found only in the schools but something that happens in several offices, let it be private or government.

Usually, Government offices involve monetary cases, leads to corruption that is another significant threat for a country’s progression. The term “Buttering” has the same affect as corruption, just it seems clean and clear and aren’t questioned everytime.

I’m deeply sad and worried about the future of these sectors.  About the future of my friends, because these are real life cases, which I’ve always witnessed. I’ve seen how, deserving people are made to stand, and how people buttering and influencing the heads by any means to earn jobs and opportunities. Just see, how can one control every departments? Let it be in an office or a school. I’m keeping myself upto these two sectors only because I’ve heard some serious cases that are way more nuisance. I feel for the ones who work so hard, and everytime they’re surpressed by the “Corrupted” or the “Experts on Buttering”. Don’t worry, BELIEVE IN KARMA! GOD PAYS EVERYONE. AND THESE PEOPLE DON’T HOLD WITH THE WORD “FOREVER”.

I hope to see an India free of such influential actions that seriously affect very badly to the country’s progression.  To build a better country, we must stand with what we’ve, with what we’re capable of, not by snatching the positions of the deserving one, by money or any other sort of such actions, especially in the education sector. Don’t mix politics into it. Children are still young to understand, don’t play with it. And RESPECT, is something to be earned, not something that is asked for. A CHANGE IN THE EDUCATIONAL SECTOR, AND IN THEIR POWER ALONG THEIR USAGE IS SERIOUSLY NECESSARY.


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