Photography- my perception

Photography has been a great asset to my life. It’s a real thing to live in. Remembering the first day I was gifted a DSLR, eventually it wasn’t a gift though, later I was able to conquer it and make it mine. 😆

Whatsoever, I have the same excitement doing photography like I had the very first time when I held the camera and started capturing life. I always believe, photographs are not just pictures but they’re life captured in frames.

What’s photography? It varies from people to people. For me, photography is your perception. You don’t set yourself under rules, and criterias, a photograph shows the ability of you viewing an object at your perception. The best part is, a photograph always enlightens your idea, your thoughts regarding an object. And the way you influence a person to understand your photographs, is what makes you great!

The best part of photography is the way it can make people smile. The joy of capturing the smile of the little ones is immense. That’s the best genre of photography, according to me. 

Becoming a photographer is a tough job, and I’m still in the process of becoming so. Learning new techniques and skills everyday, trying to improve every little mistakes, but this doesn’t mean you’ve to be perfect, it’s just that your perception over an object should be clear enough to make people feel that too.

Life has really become better after photography became a part of mine. I believe, “Let the captions speak less, and the photos speak more.” It’s always a great feeling when people understand my pictures without any of my explanations. This should be the first and the most significant zest of a photographer’s life.

In the last 3 years, I’ve clicked several pictures, some being really good and some that stands upto the mark, but will always move ahead with the appreciations and motivations people give me, that helps me become better with each passing day. I’m glad that, I and my team, were able to shoot a half an hour documentary over the rich history of my school, Gurukul Grammar School, situated in Geetanagar, Guwahati. I really thank my principal, Dr. BK Bhuyan for helping me meet with every requirements. But the only thing I regret is the aftermath of it, the lack of attention of some of the teachers, but that doesn’t really matters. 

Soon, in the coming month of May, most probably, I along with my childhood friend Kunal, we’re all set to release our first short film, my second videography, perhaps the first that would be portrait in the public. I hope, the way people appreciated my work in the last years, they’ll continue in the coming days too

Cheers. This was my perception, and the love for photography I created for myself.


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