“GO Beg near the temples!”

Ironical and contrasting heading, isn’t? More contrasting and ironical it’ll be when you’ll read what comes next.

The story of a family. :))

We all come across several problems in our life. Tragedy, horrific, life, death, crisis and whatsoever. And to be honest, that’s what life is made up of. I’m to narrate a story of what I’ve recently discovered. Here it goes,

One fine afternoon, it was 3pm almost. The windows of my room were opened, wanted some bright light to enter my room and to feel the mix cool and warm breeze after having a heavy lunch after days. Sat with my physics book, reading about vision. It states that vision is when light helps you see anything around you. And then memorising all those questions from the reference and went on with it. Being a social networking manic, along side was I surfing twitter. Reading all the horse trading of MLAs, destroying democracy. And then it stroke my mind that, “VISION” can it be a person’s perception? If so, how can a MLA for money change their party? Such “Bikao”? Moving on, that’s not the point I’m about to narrate today.

As I was peeping down the window, I saw a rare scenario. It was  something that just pulled me off. I saw some ladies, mix aged, old and in the 40s, with their children, collecting woodlogs, and branches to burn fire may be. They were really very poor. The most intense thing I saw, was the little boy carrying a heavy load over his back. The load consists of nothing but two pillows, and a mastress may be. That was the time I stared them intensely. Because it indicated that they might just not have a land to live in.

They were carrying and putting the dry branches collectively in a place. Their daughter and son may be, also giving their helping hands too brought the log of branches. As to when another lady, of a higher standard may be, came across and gave a loud shouting. “OI KI KORISO TOHOTI EIBUR?“, meaning, “WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE” in a very unpleasant manner. They got a sudden call so got surprised and the little boy infact tripped down on the land as to the it was not a desirable one, they were broken glasses, bottles, disposal packets and all sort of garbades. The lady then, in a very supreme manner said she would file a CASE against them and approached higher authority. I felt for a moment it might be their land but the thing wasn’t something that I was thinking it to be. They were forced to leave the place without anything. They had to return empty handed. The lady used such harsh words, that can easily hurt anyone’s sentiments. What was there to showcase such words? Will they understand what higher authority means?

They belonged to the Muslim community, thus she referred them to go and beg in temples. But then corrected herself as, “you all are muslim, and you should not even deserve to beg; and that too in temples, go to your Mazid” The little boy, and the little older girl feared in terror and were whipping their eyes. I felt so bad.

They left without uttering a single word. Sad faces and a feeling such of searching for something to survive might have struck them ofcourse.

But the saddest part and the part to focus is, when they left. The lady laughed so hard and said, “I was so frustrated today. I finally took all my anger out. It was so peaceful. And those Bangladeshis, why do they to come here, when they could beg.” And this was something that I found so ironical.

These people deserves a good lesson to be learnt someday. I hope that happens soon. 

This conceptualisation of a person must change. Why to suppress someone who isn’t even disturbing you in your part and someone who isn’t at your level. Moreover, she too brought the issue of caste and religion. You got no right to do that. Call it Secular, mean it Secular.


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