The Indian Feelings.

This is how our Indian feels today. Hung in a dusty, lonely and forest land. Not a desired form of expressing.

How India gain the feelings of Nationalism? As per preparing for my HSLC, the reports that my book tells, Nationalism feeling started growing when Indians understood their oppresion under the Colonial Government. This Anti-Colonial feelings led to the start-up for Indians’ nationalism feelings to emerge.

India became Independent. Became Republic. Claimed as a Democratic country, with becomibg a secular country too. Political Parties further changed in the Central from 1989 onwards. With a most effective form of coalition government where from Minorities & Majorities together made the country’s democracy.

With 10 years of Historical Reign by Dr. Manmohan Singh and co, came to power was a full majoritarial Government under the likes of current Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi destroying rest of the opposition. Almost creating history after Indira Gandhi’s government back then. Clean sweeping many states, bring BJP into the spotlight also sweeping Assam’s historical 15 years reign by Shri Tarun Gogoi government.  Ofcouse, Modi’s promises, agendas and programmes made the public decide this so intense and significant decision.

People in numbers supported the Demonetisation step that was meant to curb black money holders but later which turned out to be a result for the country going cashless. Definitely, politics aren’t real with words.

A brief summary about my nationalism feelings. We’ve a constitution, assuring us proper rights. Equality, dignity, freedom. 

The Class 10 civics book states, a Democratic country : Provides Equality, Allows room for correction, maintain the dignity of every individual, freedom of speech. 

I’m not trying to be intellectual providing notes from websites and reports but trying to keep it with the basics.

After 2014, there were seriously some issues that clearly devastated the country’s dignity.

Gurmehar Kaur, a name all must today know about. She’s claimed to be an Anti-Nationalist. Do you know why?

This is what she wrote. Please read it again.

The actual interpretation of her protest was, as follows.

She was a 6 years old child, when she tried to stan a lady in Burkha. She told, her father who died fighting an Indo-Pak war, THE KARGIL WAR, didn’t die for Pakistan, he died for the WAR. CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHERE SHE WENT ANTI-NATIONAL? Continuing, her mother made her understand its not Muslims that killed her father, it’s the war that did. Just because she held the card claming Pakistan not killing but war did, made her an anti-nationalist today?

If so, what’s wrong when Modi paid a surprise visit to Nawaz Sharif had Biriyani, and then after months had the Pathankot incident?

Virendra Sehway, Randeep Hooda, Phogat Sisters criticised her reading just one play card, did they read the rest? No, surely they didn’t. 

Can anyone carry the guts to seek attention with the name of a death father? What will she do?

Adding on, self-proclaimed bhakts making it political claimed Congress & Aam Aadmi Party forged and poisoned her to do so. But, I’m glad BJP’s ex-cabinet and senior leader, famous actor, Shatrughan Sinha supported her. Will now the BJP-ABVP too call him anti-nationalist?

Under quoted lines, “ABVP claimed to rape her opening on social media, and many other abused her.” Also, this will lead you an example.


Abusers abused her with such a criminal wordings, no Phogat sisters, Sehwag or Hooda stood by that? Have some dignity for the girl before anything. She’s being threatened for rape no reactions were observed then.

2014, and Modi Government’s many promises might succeed, or might go for vain but yes, it did divided India into two groups, “Self-proclaimed” Nationalists & Anti-Nationalist.

Hear completely was she’s trying to say. Don’t misinterpret it in sake for a Cong/AAP vs BJP fight. When a country’s constitution allows room for freedom of speech, let them speak. And if you don’t, please throw some junks like KRK out of the country, who abuses people with undesired words openly. We’ll salute and call you a nationalist. Punish the rapist as soon as possible, don’t let them roam freely. We’ll call you a nationalist then. Show your patriotism with your actions and stands at the correct place judging the entire scenario. Comments like, “I didn’t make triple century, my bad did” shows your personification. Make India democratic again!


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