What should music be in our lives?

Music has the power to heal wounds, to beautify your truly loved life, to make you feel at the top of the sky, to make explore a world in each word our literature comprises. It helps you explore with a sentence that can explain a lifelong story. In short that’s Power of Music.

But what happens when beauty soul inherit some “bacteria” or “fungi” kind of stuffs, that literally spreads and can destroy the entire being?

Assam, a state of multi-culture, as preparing for my HSLC, in my Assamese text book discovered our colourful and variety of cultures in Assam. Music is also something that varies over places, but the metaphors remain same.

Music started up. It reached to each and every corner of the world, though the earth is circular. 🙂 

A simple sentence, and you add up Music. What’s the result. It’s extreme sweetness and soulful theme that can take you a new world. A world that enables you to discover another world in yourself.

The beauty of Music is inherited. You all have the ability of relating yourself to Music, some or how. You write music, you perform music, you understand music, you compose music, you hear music, and then you become magic.

Assam, being a land of India’s, and for sure the world’s greatest Musical Maestro Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, one who could write, compose, arrange, sing and perform all by himself. 

Assam is praised for its beauty in Music for such Maestros. Producing new talents every now and then, we got some living legends like Zubeen Garg, J.P Das, Dipen Boruah, people I truly admire. Whereas moving apart from the simple instrumental arrangements, we’ve got Angarag Papon Mahanta taking Assamese Music Industry into a whole new level, when Assamese Music can be produce through electronic sounds. A great update isn’t it?

What then when you get some super idiotic songs where every sentence instead of metaphors comprises of “Fokotiami” or you say, a song when produced by a loon, who knows nothing about music, will sound like.

I was willing to update some statements about a guy, but I’m not willing to put up his pictures and videos to litter my hard worked blogs.

Rahul Deka, a boy that eventually littering this classic and talented Assamese Industry. Producing songs that couldn’t be heard, where lyrics has no eventual meanings but comprising of 3rd Graded languages, when each line has double meanings, which can actually be replaced with slangs.

There video’s get, a 30k+ views in a day. Not just, “Heri Heri”, but it’s sad to see “Superman becoming a Handyman”, whereas, “Washing Power Nirma” is not a washing detergent but a song. In a place like, Assam where words comprised of such beautiful soulful meanings, songs today by “Nobo Projonmo”, (new generation) comprises of stupid topics that make no sense.

What’s a Rap song? It’s got such beautiful meanings in every sentence structure, but our teenagers first believe is Swag! Man, swag for kids, really men are classic. Your words even are worse than slangs we use daily. (I’m being casual cause, I’m really hurt to see such a disgrace to our Music Industry.)

I, myself, am engaged to the Musicians world, as I started learning to play guitar, and inspired by my father learnt to write and compose songs. I wrote three songs so far, but could release just two of them, as it’s not that easy to produce a finer song for this industry. But these culprits like Rahul Deka are seriously disgracing our industry.

They say, it’s for gaining popularity with such songs within a day, where they would stand in controversy and gain Bihu functions, earn bundles of money, buy cars and houses. Who are responsible for these? Them? No, I totally don’t believe so.

For such disgrace to our industry, I blame myself, I blame the entire public. People now claiming to opt a censored board to approve a music to be released. No, we don’t need a censorship to stop these humiliating acts. We need courage, we need self-believe, we just need unity. 

Why do we people watch such videos, can’t we simply boycott? Can’t we simply take legal steps against such criminals? C’mon public, let’s not litter our beloved industry that Maestros have made famous all over the world.

Stand united against unjust, stand united against improper work people does today. Crimes are less, criminals are more. Decrease crime, you decrease criminals. Like we took steps protecting One-Horned Rhinos, it’s high to to take steps protecting our industry. Don’t let it go vain. It’s precious, for us, for our future. Don’t sit and follow laws, make laws and punish the disgrace to our society.


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