Sameli memsaheb.

Smile, the prettiest action or emotion you say. Glittered with happiness, sight of relief, enjoyment of life, whatelse can’t a simple smile describe. For many to die for smile, for many to re-live for a smile. SMILE, Simply Means to Infinitely Love Everyone. This is what smile stands for me.

I’m here to write about a special person in our family. Her name is Sameli, simply someone my photographs and words come out so perfectly.

My late Grandmother, found her in a railway station, somewhere in Tezpur. After my Grandfather passed away, Aita had been living alone with only companionship of this lady. It’s almost more than a couple of decades or so, since she has been with us.

As she told us, she knows all about her family, but doesn’t know where do they live, or where is she from. And so after that, she made us her family. πŸ™‚

Abstract writings are something I really enjoy doing. Here’s my first abstract blog though.

Sameli, loves hearing a suffix “DIDI” after a name. Ever since, I, my sister and our cousins got up with our senses we never called her Didi, but always Sameli. Later as we grew up and saw how she feels, for her love, we started calling her so. Her favorite word, “DIDI” πŸ™‚

Sameli is not a normal person like us, it’s awkward to say directly but by any means a special person too. She’s a little sort of disordered person, may be the curse of the childhood from her let her become so. But never mind, always treated her like our own relationed people. An absent minded, short tempered lady she is. You’ll never know when her brain will strike out of anger.

Always smiling, laughing, talking to herself knowing nothing about what’s going in and around over the place, her smile has got some relief and satisfaction which we people normally don’t. Reading newspapers upside-down, and watching news and laughing at when people gets beaten up are daily activities of Sameli. Sameli, my Aita’s one of the closest to her.

My model of every portfios in my home itself, Sameli.

Yet, so many things but still words lack for describing a smile which carry meanings of all.

A smile, that belongs to hardship of life, struggles, and that which can face in life, and can make your life struggle for all. 

Her smile has got that pain of life that hardly some can accept and overcome. That’s the toughest part of one’s life. It’s easy to see, hard to believe and impossible to experience.


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