People make laws, or laws make people?

Let’s begin with a quote by Thomas Jefferson, and I quote “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey, but he is obligated to do so.”

Being a citizen of an growing country like India is surely to be proud of, but some cases and issues really can drop your head high living down.

I’m sure everyone today are all aware of social media and what’s right or wrong in public’s view never take a long duration today.

In a country like ours, we’ve a set of strict rules which are to be followed by each and every citizens inhabiting here, from the commoners to the one who are responsible for maintaining the dignity of such laws.

I’m quite shocked as well as surprised with an issue that has risen up in the last couple of days. This issue has really shown the power of social media, the power of it unity a country’s youth together.

Today, all of you might be well-awared about this viral video that has shook Assam from its root to the petals. For the one who doesn’t knows about it, here’s a briefly described story.

“The youngster in the screen grab could be determine as someone who have stood for a good cause, of an illegal violation of law by the Guwahati City Police themselves. His name is Partha Pratim Baruah. A normal youngster working in Mukesh Hyundai, Ganeshguri for living out his life. A bike rider for sure as his profile says so.”

Here’s the issue that led to a chaos in the public, and eye opening step by the youngster.

“On 12th of Feb, 2017 Partha went live on Facebook. As it caught the attention gradually, it’s found he was being interrogated by the Guwahati City Police for checking his driving license, and his bike’s registration documents. He denied as according to Indian Law, a Police below sub-inspector designation cannot seek or ask for checking any such documents or license. Partha went live on Facebook where we saw the cops snatching his keys as he denied showing his documents. The Police present at that time was constables no sub-inspector or senior officer was present, that implies those policemen present over there can’t check over the documents. While he’s eye opening points flattered the people who were being checked on that spot too.”

The video went viral on the social media with having more than 300k viewers over it. Media started covering the issue overnight itself.

The next morning, Partha like usual went to his office, Mukesh Hyundai, Ganeshguri. He was on duty, was a force of policemen with armed officers reached his office. He was interrogated regarding the subject matter, he also remained live throughout. After an hour and half of interrogation in his office itself, he was being taken to Geetanagar Police Station for further enquiry. He was charged for using offensive words in public.

This is the arrest warrant that was charged on him

Police said he used offensive language towards them, but the live videos clearly shows his intention. A normal human psychology claims and reacts in frustration. He pointed no one will he used the slangs.

I wonder, when he took out his frustration with slangs pointing no one, who’ll say about the City Policemen using several Slangs with each and every words the flow out of their mouth?

The youth took it through the social media, preparing for Dharnas and protest in a legal procedure. Today, in India for an unjust laws, even to protest in fear of being untrapped by some irresponsible officers we’re to deal with these situations.

Currently Partha P. Baruah is been sent to Judicial Custody, yet not discovered for how many days. 

This is seriously a violation of law, not by Partha as a person, but by the Police department as a defender of the law.

What if these charges are over the policemen? They’ll surely overturn it cause laws aren’t meant for commoners it’s about how powerful you are.

Unjust use of power won’t hide the truth for sure.

I said by Partha Pratim Baruah, and I believe entire Assam will. It’s a battle for justifying our law for ourselves. The defenders of law, are blind of misusing their powers. It takes a lot of courage to take a stand like Partha did. Our take plays a crucial role today. If we stand firm, united people wins, if we don’t stand up for this, you’re set to live in a colonial kind of country where power can overturn your decision for the right and make a law exist for no longer.


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