BEAUTIFUL ASSAM, still lacks some beauty.

A story of a well-defined and a beautiful place in the north-eastern part of India. A land of the great Ahom Kings, once. One of the seven sisters, now eight. A land of multiple cultures and traditions, Assam. Rhino defining as the pride of the place, with several other things to be proud of.

In one of my previous blogs, I tried covering an issue of the endangerment of wild animals in the National Sanctuaries here. On how difficult is it for birds to survive in their own places.

In my latest blog, I would love to tell an untold of story of two “Women workers”.

The cover picture has been clicked in Deepor Beel. Known for famous birds, from different parts of the world inhabiting here. You would glimpse the best moments ever since the sun arises first. A very cool, tempted place situated within an emerging, popular city, Guwahati.

From the brown-headed Gull to the rare Pied Kingfisher all could be witnessed over this pretty place in Guwahati, Deepor Beel.

Dancing through.

 You can witness a beautiful scenario, contrasting the city view on the background.

But, do you know, Life of some families along with these birds survive in th is particular land.?

The story of the two hardworking ladies.

My lens moved further, shooting birds that came my way, when came down two ladies trying to find something in the water. They pull over once, came a broken bottle of wine. They does that once more, came out non-disposable packet.

I was in deep thought, until I saw the buckets and the tackle boxes with them. Once, I remember I read about people surviving, catching fishes for killing hunger of their families.

In a country, where women are said to be less than men, digging under the four walls of their homes and those who are not allowed to earn for their families, these ladies tend to be the Head of their families.

They said, it’s their work. Their profession.

Abstracting the picture, they moves towards the water. In search of some energy, and lives to add on. In search of some proteins to silence their noisy empty stomachs and that of their children.

As the sun kisses first in a day, they’re already onto their work, the work not for their passion, their work for survival, for livelihood. Even then you think a woman is less than a man? You must be kidding.

A work which is not designated, which earns them no salary. But a work that’s keeping them alive. That is being the only source they’re surviving.

Never underestimate a woman. A man is no more than a woman, a woman is no more than a man.

Concluding, Assam being highlighted and blessed with such beautiful locations, and things to be proud of, also comprises of some terrific things to infact break down. In between this beautiful place, content some families who need to sacrifice their potentiality to keep their families alive.

Assam, being such a beautiful place also carries some deep painful things, that are easy to ignore, but hard to believe. Stop littering the environment first. Helping these people in need, might be neglected by people today. Atleast let them survive in their own way. Don’t litter the water. Throwing broken bottles, and packets into the water, isn’t a great thing. Be a proud Indian, when you do such things. I call you anti-nationalist, for whoever is doing this.


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