Bird Sanctuary or Picnic Venture?

Pobitora, one of the bestest place for you & your family to spend some luxurious and adventurous time together.

Calculatively a distance of almost 30kms from the beautiful city of Guwahati lies a famous, and wonderful National WildLife Sanctuary, Pobitora. With beautiful of Animals, the route to this place comprises of Mayong, the land known for black magic. Beautiful trees, old and heritage stones of more a triple thousand years, it’s a very beautiful and peaceful place to be in.

Pobitora is well-known for its famous one horned rhinoceros. The one-horned rhinoceros is only found in Assam. It’s found in most of the national wildlife sanctuaries in Assam, but in large numbers only in Pobitora. This huge pride of Assam, is the rarest of all. Probably rarest in the world. 

The delightful place for photographers.

Beautiful sceneries, capturable moments, and rarest animals and birds, on your lenses will be perfect. Pobitora is surely the place you must look into. 

But why is this place made for picnic businesses, or other noisy programmes?

First of all, what is a national park? Or a wildlife century? In order to enjoy the appearance of Animals, usually while having an in forest safari, the guards ask us to remain quiet for observing and watching out these beautiful animals. But why not we remain silent for 10kms away from the national park area? As the entire area of Pobitora has been marked as a national park! 

The density of rare animals will be ofcourse decreasing with such uncivilized disturbance made by us, the people. Carrying a bus full of music decks, people gathering in huge numbers and making noises, aren’t they violent against a law of the country? Why can’t these uncivilized works be under-mined?

This is a picture during my photography tour to Pobitora. This place is just less than a km from the entrance to the wildlife sanctuary.

Is this justified?

Throwing non-disposable polythene bags, liquor bottles, papers, packets, and food wastage here and there over the peaceful land of this sanctuary is not at all justified. 

Please, my humble request. Be civilized with such behaviors. Following a national party, or a leader won’t make you a nationalist. You’ve some responsibilities, that makes you a nationalist. Don’t act so uncivilized, safe your mother nature. Save your pride, save the beauty of your state. You’re acting like the poachers that kills animals, and make them endangered. You’re killing the environment, and making it endangered. Grow up, it’s high time now.


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