Be recognized as a Proud Indian, not self-proclaimed.

Youth, the future of our nation.
India’s republic turns 68 today. After a hard fought battle against the British, ofcourse escaping from such a terror colonial was remarkable by our freedom fighters and leaders that made their vision of a Republic and Independent India, we live today. Development marched for the country ever since then. Political problems, issues are minimal to be judged. Accordingly it’s a huge impact, but a country’s child percentage plays the most important role in development of the country.
The issue I’m going to write about is

CHILD LABOUR and its impact for country’s development.
From the Wikipedia, it is observed that according to the 2011 national census of India, it was found that the number of child labour, aged 4-12 years is 4.35million, and the total number of children in our country is 259.64million.
This has not just been a barricade to the children but a harmful illegal work that’s being proceeding in our country.
At an age where the little angels must fly around the world, these little children are being worked on factories, restaurants, and other places of business.
Let’s make a bold decision of not employing any child as labour of our works, as far as we can. Because, democracy is people. We can’t wait for someone to enact, we should be the first.
Don’t just be a Proud Indian through words and writings, be a proud Indian through your goodness and works, because it’s not proud when you mention it yourself. It’s when people recognise as so. 


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