“If you’re born poor, that’s not your fault, if you die poor, that’s your fault.” – Bill Gates

Like, BILL GATES says, you’re not to be blame if you are born poor, but you should be blamed if you die poor.

Life is full of opportunities, and chances. You must know how to grab it with full aspect. Everyone must have a proper ambition in life, of achieving something, becoming someone from no one. 

You must be the fire, that stands strong above up. That melts everything that comes its way. That must be you. Life is exceptional. It never comes via the straight path, obstacles, turning, ups & downs are to always be overcome. Because, the feeling of getting something is valued only when you put your blood and bleed your determination through it. That’s what I’ll like to portray through my photograph.

Remember, life always gives you a second chance. Grab it. Be the person you’re, not someone you aren’t meant to be.


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