You’re “not” that good. – Taking up Criticism.

It’s been quite a long time, that I’ve been working on various videography projects. I’ve made contents for myself, and also worked on various stories and projects of else’s too. This journey to become a “professional” recognised person has started, and I believe has a long way to go too. Amidst will be various obstacles to jump, and cross over. I’ve been thinking a lot about writing a blog on this topic since a long time, because I’ve seen and met people who gave up on dreams they wanted to live upon.


Life is broader than Arts, Science and Commerce. It is even broader than being just a Doctor or an Engineer. As we grow up our ambitions change. Our dreams tend to change at times too. Not in my case though. I’ve started as a Musician, learning Guitar for almost 8 years. But what I dreamt of becoming since my childhood was of being a Journalist. And even today, I dream about the same. This has been really constant, despite the change in my interests.


I was 12 years old, when I came up with my first song, which I composed and wrote myself. I’m hit with a truck of embarrassment when I hear it now, and ofcourse there’re and will be people to judge me on that.

Just the case was YouTube was really rare, and people never had extra GBs to spare. That continued for three years, amidst when I started clicking photographs. It’s been a year since my first short film, “Aaina” was released. As a first attempt, I received a lot of appreciation, and motivation but also criticism. The reason I’m writing this is because people should know how to tackle criticism and grow out stronger. So far, after “Aaina”, I’ve made 4 short films, and various other videos, which includes all my after movies, music videos, etc.

I hear criticism after every new projects I release. There will be people who would even point out a single full-stop I miss in my subtitles. But there will also be people who’d encourage me to grow a little stronger the next time. And that’s where motivation comes from. There are two types of people in our “Indian Society”, one who’d abuse you, other who’d criticise you. Now, it’s upto you as whom you calculate as so and so.


After every video I make, I go to my father, and make him watch it first. He’d be the first one to criticise. And he’s criticism aren’t formally constructive always. And that’s what pushes me to do something better the next time. And it’s true that, a single negativity can destroy hundreds of positivity, in numerical sense.

A waterfall is determined to produce the purest form of water, as it rolls down breaking through many barriers, as in stones, pebbles, rocks. And so can be applicable to our human lives too. These criticism are nothing but the pebbles, stones the waterfall needs to get over. You’ll receive criticism till the day you stop doing what you love. Make sure of, what you do next is better than what you did then. LIFE is actually a ladder. Keep climbing, and stand still. There will be many above, and many below too. You just need to keep climbing, and keep growing.


Hate is never equal to criticism. But hate can be calculated and counted as criticism if you believe you can.

If photography is what you love doing, go ahead with it. There will be people pulling your mistakes, count them, accept criticism, and outgrow them. Redeem your mistakes, accept criticism constructively. If Music is what your love, don’t turn away. Because, it’s something which our future Doctors, and Engineers will also need.


Hence, to my fellow readers, you may be hated for being you. But if you do good works “Professionally” nobody dared to hate you. Bind up criticisms constructively. Work harder the next time. Do better than the next time. Don’t see others as your “competition”, but became a competition to yourself. Challenge yourself. Over the years, my stories, and my parents’ have made me understand all these practical. I regret being immature many a times but we can’t change what’s gone, right?

Forget others, I had to face even few of my family members, until my boards who always underestimated me, and mocked me for doing what I love and being least interested for my results. And that actually motivated me to do something unexpected in my boards. There also have been people showering love & support to me overtime. There have been people who love my works, and that’s really motivating and encouraging. Keep the blessings and love on!


“You’re the best of you. You’re more than what you think of yourself. Take up a path not taken. Your wounds will be relieved if you achieve something what you dreamt of, crossing all your barriers and obstacles. Your haters, will remain at your bottom, always. It’s you and your greatness if you can transform and accept criticism to grow as a Successful person.” Dream big, because you can do it. Make sure you do it quick, you never know when you’ll start paying GST for it.

Dream, Work, Little harder than the last try, Succeed. At the end, lick an ice cream, enjoy the hot weather for the time-being and smile. 🙂



WOMEN not equal to MEN


Who is she?

A mother, a sister, a friend? No, she’s the reason for the existence of MAN-KIND. If I even opt to describe a woman, I’ll find no words to do so. But with the growing crimes against Women today, aren’t we endangering the continuity of MAN-KIND?

Life continues in earth, because of trees that produce oxygen. Aren’t we saving trees? Similarly, women are the reason for the birth of humans.



She laughs, or she cries. Don’t judge until you know. We’ve a common tendency to judge people easily, but do we really know what’s wrong, or what’s happening? A woman is a soft-hearted person. Let’s hold them preciously, and not let them break?



The deepest & the darkest colour of all, is so connected to Women. A colour that, reflects the strength of a Women. The vermilion (Sindur) used by married Hindu Women, the Bindi as well. Red, not just objectively but also signifies LOVE, a mother gives unconditionally since birth, a sister who’d always be a man’s first friend, and a wife, who’d always be the next pillar to a man. But today, is RED only signifying LOVE?


Today, RED stands for hatred, anger, violence, rape, molestation and what not? A mother is abused, hurt even murdered. A sister is sexually abused, harmed, killed. A wife is being molested in the streets. Every hour, in my country a lady is being attacked by some or the other means. Rape culture has grow to it’s fullest. Despite, the Judiciary knows who is a RAPIST, the criminal isn’t hung till death, but will be accused but later freed.


On the other hand, some societies still run behind the TABOO of MENSTRUATION. Yes, Women bleed. And it’s because of this that MAN-KIND is continuing, and will be continuing.

To the increase of crimes, our societies are still behind these TABOOs, believing in ill-omens, and freeing off the actual criminals.


Being introvert isn’t only a Woman’s thing, and being extrovert isn’t only Man’s.

Women aren’t equal to Men. But, Men are not greater than Women as well.


They don’t usually speak up against. But when they do, they can shiver around the world. I’ve seen many women, and I’ve seen my Mother, whom I admire the most. I’ve seem her accept, struggle and “equally” support my family, like my Father does. And I hope, one day the world will be a safer place for the ladies, and then celebrating Women’s Day will be justified for all the Women around our globe.



There are so many cases where such Brave Ladies do things greater to men, but are they made superior then? Let’s JUSTIFY a woman’s position in our society. Let’s be a real MAN. And try to curb the crimes, as well as the stereotypes in our society first.

..Womanhood is a power, it is a strength. Let’s not just save and protect our ladies, but be a Real Man. Happy Women’s Day…

I’m losing in life..

DepressionAnxietyTension. Are we into this already? Are we really LOSING in life?

From the filmmaking perspective, what will we see if we’re into DEPRESSION? We’d see some miracles happening in life, unexpected turns and opportunities flying in and what not? Of course, a film shows these particular circumstances to entertain the audience, and if tomorrow I need to make a film on such issues, I’d to do the same. But at the end of the day, are they really happening in our lives?

What I believe is, we never lose. We either win or we learn. This probably is something we hear everywhere. But do we think about it in deep? Or just a random thinking?

I’ve seen so many people writing out amazing poetries, stories, paras but only about heart breaks. Why is it so that, we can construct our feelings easily in love, but not in any other issues? That’s because we feel it. We live deep inside it.

Writing a blog after 6 months, and I’m really stressing out to think what should I mention, and what I shouldn’t. I was talking to one of my friends today, when he said that he tries when he knows he got a chance to win. But if he knows he’d lose, he’d definitely not try. What do you think the reason behind him thinking this way?

It’s simple. Criticism has become a big, big influence to mankind, presently. The number of people you’ll find appreciating you is much lesser than the number of people you’ll find criticising you. For this particular scenario, I always believe that, we should not always reply to criticism in words, but with our actions too. Our work should speak louder than our words.

Personally speaking, I’ve been through a lot of appreciation as well as criticism, and honestly speaking, the more you look for appreciation, the more you’ll need criticism. It’s a different thing that today, criticism leads to violence or use of abusive language, but always listen to what others say. If we speak and try not to hear what others say, there’s no way of succeeding and reaching towards the goal we look for.

If you think you got no chances of winning, don’t worry. Construct your changes. Build them. Set your own goals, chase them & win them. Remember you don’t lose, you learn a way to improve. So, the next time you set yourself a goal remember:

“If you’re looking for appreciation, be ready for criticism as well. They’re the two sides of a coin. Work hard until you’re satisfied. If you set yourself a goal, and a mind to chase it, always remember, you don’t need to look for chances, you can build your chances. Be who you’re. Life is simple don’t complicate it. You aren’t losing in life. You’re always learning…”

Are you Independent?

India, steps onto her 71st Year since Independence. From the filthy hands of the Britishers, it has been seventy long years when Indians together chanted “Go Back, Simon!”, when Indians together marched the greatest Salt Movement walking for almost a month, continuously and brought Independence to our Motherland. And ever since then, there has been no set backs. The blood, sweat, hardship leaders, fighters, and the people gave for the land, should never regret later. That’s always on the shoulder of every Indian today, tomorrow and always. Indian history is known to almost every Indian. How the great warriors struggled and fought for the country. Let it be the once who fought wars, or the ones who masterminded everything. From the scale of zero to ten, every categorised people were equal when it came to seek Independence, or send the British long away from the Indian soil. Ofcourse, there were diversities. Also, when there is diversity, there will be disputes. Religious disputes were common. But, to achieve certain ambition, certain disputes were buried.

Hindu and Muslims, who’ve today started to fight amongst themselves, were then under the same umbrella. Can’t we do that today? Why create these differences, when both are like the beautiful cloud and it’s reflection back on water? During the period when India was fighting for her Independence there were too, people who tried to instigate the mob but the power of Indians weren’t that weak to easily get instigated. Yes, father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi was the person who brought the diversities together to call them as Indians.

So, my question today is, are we really INDEPENDENT?

I’m a seventeen years old. So, being a Humanities student, I’m very much keen about knowing about our “Indian” society. About, what our people think of our Independence.

The most probable irony today is, “ How do we celebrate Independence Day? “

Unlike, most of the other countries celebrate Independence Day, lighting their cities, towns, bursting fireworks, beautifying their own places, organising different shows and programmes at their homes and several other places, we do the opposite in India. I’m seventeen, and so far as I remember, every Independence Day has been like, “ Don’t go out, specifically today! “ There are stereotypes which I can’t really figure out. The fear from bomb blasts during Independence Day, is the only tremor for Indians, specially something we Assamese people hold. We first of all, should be fearless on celebrating this special eve. What has been our daily schedule regarding Independence Day? Wake up, Turn on the TV, watch Doordarshan what the Prime Minister speaks on his/her special speech. There are no other celebrations. Justified? We are bound to stay inside and not even celebrate the day when we gained Independence.

Are these actually celebrations? When our India lost 63 babies, due to the mischievous and immature mistake made by the Government, what’s the use of celebrating the country’s Independence. There are no measure taken, no precautions, nothing. Will we move forward?

We consider India, as a Female figure. We term India, as “Mother” India. This is a place where women are worshipped. Then why so wrong happening with women only? The injustice women face today, is a serious threat to the country’s independence. It is easy to call yourself a “Proud Indian” on these specific days, but really hard to bring out the “wrongs” happening.

Discrimination. Secularism. Communal Violence.

100s of People were killed in the name of religion. Religion in a sense that they were Muslims. They were alleged to be carrying Beef and so were killed? How come we say, our Fundamental Rights aren’t violated?

There are so many differences around, regarding caste, gender and what not?

The Reservation, that happens only in India, is something that is holding the entire development procedure of the country. To promote a person belonging to a backward class is alright, but when he/she becomes successful or gain the abilities to fulfil their own needs, what is the requirement of Reservation for their children? Provide Reservation but it shouldn’t be hierarchy, unlike the dynasty politics that also happens in India.

Here are some of the feedbacks, my friends on my social handles shared:

Nandan Das, “Not at all independent , in every step one or the other will judge you or stop you to do that”

Hrishikesh Aadee Kalita “No we are not independent till that day when the girls of India could come out from their home without any fear ….. If they can’t in this 70th years of independence neither a single girl nor the country have the right to celebrate The Independence Day ….”

Jyoti Prasad Nath No, we are not. Sometimes we are held hostage to some pre-medieval ideas and sometimes bound by our present political system.”

Anuja Bhuyan “Although the fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution are enjoyed by the Citizens but there are still limitations to it. Freedom of expression is mostly curbed in several instances.Right against exploitation doesn’t work in letter and spirit..Girls are often exploited.Female foeticide is still prevalent in remote parts and in certain cases even prevalent in the educated classes too.Despite emphasising in secularism, we often witness the tendency of religious as well as communal clashes.

But despite all odds ,leaving aside the negative aspects ,after seventy years of independence ‘,we as Indians can still boast of our Unity in diversity …”

Rupam Kumar Das “bharat swadhin hoisil 15august 1947t, aru aji 14August 2017.. bidexi mukto hoisil bharat kintu axom ajir tarikhot bidexi mukto buli kobo pari ne??

engrajor provab imane j teoluke d thua vakha engraji aji ami protitu jagat bebohar koribo loga hoi, amar matri vakha ba rashtriyo vakhatu kio nu ami tenekua k protisthito koribo para nai 70 bosoriya swadhin bharatot”

Gyanjyoti Borah “navabu independent buli.. atiaw axom ole sua rajtantra soli ase. ai2 gonotontro buli koi ne.

Indian r ji2 dirty politics dekhi a ahise sob a. Congress vl asil buli nkw kin2 BJP a j slow poison d ase kunu dhoriboi pora nai..

bidexi ane k ahi a thibo. kisumn fB t group ase. saba sun. kobo npai but m** kita k kati singi pelai dbo mn nai.. Immmn a bea mentality”

Asom Bhumiputro “No… I dont think we(northeast) are independent…”

Dhiraj Dev “We never were n we are not independent even today. Kalaguru Bishnuprasad Rabha rightly said ” yeh azadi jhootha hain”. This freedom is farce.”

Hrishikesh Sandilya “real Independence is economic, as long as we neglect entepreneuership, business& support Bandho, Pratibaad we’ll nott achieve real Independence”

BhuYan “We are yet to gain true independence. Independence is when d old/young, male/female can walk on d streets w/out fear anywhere in India. When a hardworking person can make a decent living. When there is an efficient govt mechanism that individual rights r not crushed.”

Often we raise our voice but we are defeated, we are cheated. Why truth should always be hidden, and one must favour evil. A year full of independence, is better than a day full of independence. Being Independent, won’t let you think for a second before speaking up your views. Today, even speaking up from our “Personal Social Sites” is a crime. People started carrying certificates to certify you as a Patriot, as an anti-nationalist, as a nationalist and what not? Values of Human life has decreased, and values of cattle and cow have increased. This is the Irony of India at 70.

The only thing that is ruining India is the dirty politics, which is sort of the same as once Britishers did, fooling common Indians. We, as citizen should remember that, we all hold the RIGHT TO VOTE. We must not forget that, the people governing us, are the people we brought to power. They are not our masters, but we are their masters. India at 70, is a tragedy. It should’ve been a day to celebrate. But, the Gorakhpur Incident, Assam Flood, and so many incidents taking place at various states of India, needs to be focused on. Kindly, for the sake of the country’s Independence, switch on for knowing what’s happening wrong, and what’s happening right. We all must progress, rather than messed ourselves into a system where, illiterates are the masters, and literates are the slaves.

Fish Curry, father’s weapon.

IMG_1221A little child of a village in Tezpur. He studies in Class II, in one of his nearby schools. He must be 8-9 years old. I found him while I was travelling into the Village, when he was sitting in the roadside helping his father. His father was putting up the net to catch some fishes. Not only the boy and his father, but there were many more doing the same thing.

As it’s monsoon, the water level has rose up high resulting in their homes being submerged into the water of the mighty Brahmaputra. The place they were fishing was actually over the land they used to live.

The place they live in, is actually not the village but a place situated outskirt to it.

When I asked him, do he like helping his father? He said, that he can’t stay alone at home. Later I came to know that he lost his mother a couple of months ago. Ever since then, he would never leave his father alone. The smile he carried was so genuine and intense. He seemed to be so delightful and happy helping his father.


The little kid, showed us how is fishing done, and took us for sight seeing some of the nearby places. And told us about the delicious food his father prepares, specially the “Mas’or jul” (A special fish item). All of a sudden we could easily realise how hard is the father working to help him grow up as a child providing the love on behalf of his mother as well.

The reason behind his mother’s death was even painful. The place they live in is actually a place where reality comes after superstition. “Daini” (witch) murder is certainly one of the biggest murder cases happening in Assam since long. It happens when people start believing that the woman has acquired traits of a witch and has to be killed.

In a world, where modern science has become so rapidly advance, and has dealt to solve to many sophisticated cases, Assam is another place where science is yet laying back to overcome the idea of superstition from people’s mind.

The concept of supertition generally happens in the backward regions. Why? We all must’ve valid and informative statements regarding it. The saddest part of our society today is, actions are taken in a lot advance no matter it is true or completely false.

In the race of life people certainly have lost the idea of Humanity. Being a student of Humanities today, it is my responsibility to spread such ideas amongst the people.


This father & son duo has surely struggled a lot in life.

These murder cases are exceeding all the limits in India today. Let it be the witch murder, the death of Muslims for carrying Beef, domination of the Bullies, and etc. The only way to resolve these issue is to broaden our minds. That’s it. Let’s be practical rather than being confined into the four walls.

India is a place where Supertition comes right before reality. The gap between the two is vast and needs to decline. Recently in Sadiya, a meteorite fell from the sky, which was later worshipped by the people. Why? Why is that so anything rare that happens today are engaged with either Religion or Politics. Will try to highlight few such cases too. This was an abstract story. The people here aren’t the one who had suffered such cases. People in the photographs don’t relate with the story. It was just for elaboration.

As it rains, I fear death.

Experience with Rain recently has made some serious realisations for myself. Things I view today when it rains is really different than what is used to be. Won’t mention anything about the officials for the time being, but going to narrate you some of the things I’ve felt so far.

Date, 13th JUNE ’17.

My first day to college. I was really keen and anxious and felt like a grown up kid that day. Ofcourse, it was really hard for me to wake up at time but the excitement truly overcame everything at once. As soon as I got off my bed, I realised it was raining. Raining not at a great velocity, but I really hate to go somewhere in such situation.

Well, with my wet school bag and uniform I entered into campus for my first day in college. It was to be half holiday on that particular day. And to be honest, I really like the idea of Half Holidays. Also, that day I was given Rs. 50 by my Mom and was asked to come home myself because she really wanted me know about the links of the Tempos & Buses. Nevermind, I had backup plans for myself but it never worked.

As school got over, and it was continuously raining since morning, I assumed there should be water logging at places. And all of a sudden there was no route left for me to reach home. No route, no transportation, no communication and I felt I’M LOST SOMEWHERE. I really got frightened cause, I’ve never had such experience before.

My dad’s office is in Bamunimaidan, which was nearly 10kms away from my school. At that point of time I felt anything I get will be the most helpful thing ever. Auto rickshaws were charging Rs. 800, while Taxis where asking for Rs. 300 for places that usually cost Rs. 80-100. Even they were not at places closer to my pick up point.

My friend’s mother came to pick him up, but he already left with one of his friend. And so I was “rescued” by his mother for that particular moment. He stays in Pub-Sarania, which is close to Raj Garh which is another, “ROAD INTO RIVER” place of Guwahati. He helped me to get off to my father’s office, and by the time I reach there it was already 1:45pm. I was so happy for the half holiday, and was planning for some long naps after I reach home, but it was quarter to two when I reached my father’s office. I felt the relief, and I felt that I’m finally safe from those horrifying and devastating “ROADS CUM RIVERS”.

It was still raining, we were deciding which route to follow, but there wasn’t any single  way for us to reach home. We took the Chandmari route. There was traffic everyone. From the flyover, it seemed tiny car like boats are sailing through roads like rivers, well that’s the reality that no one can deny. On the way, I came to know about the two people who were electrocuted in the artificial flood. Well, that’s something shook me later.

It was 4:30pm, and we finally reached home. On road, we never felt like we would even make it before 6pm that day. I had severe head ache. I had my lunch very late and it was all messed up that day. Certainly a day I would never like to experience again.


And today, all of a sudden I felt. Will I be able to come back home again, if I leave?

Now, this fear of getting struck in such conditions really frightened me bad. Today, 22nd June ’17, when It was raining outside, this was the very first thing I had in my mind.

Today, when it rains I opt to look my parents and feel, will I come back home. What If the this artificial “ACT OF GOD” carries me away? I remember, my father used to tell me about the people living in countries like Afghanistan, and those of the countries facing the terror of evilness, where when children left for their schools and if there was a bomb blast or any sort of attacks, the parents would sit and pray to God for safety of their kids. Is the same happening to people living in Guwahati today.

The situation people face today during artificial flood is seriously dangerous. Deaths of people due to poor management of electricity is definitely something that the state should look upon and like taking credits for organising programmes, they should too take the blame which will absolutely make them earn our respect and love.

Today, when Dulal Malakar, the person who passed away due to this devastating tremor, there was no Ministers, no MLAs to take a look upon him but later did help them providing some financial benefits, but when these situations take place, they were busy promoting government schemes on their social handles. Busy on promoting programme worth Crores. There was not a single reference to these incidents that are happening as days are passing by.














In this situation where even buses fail to cross the “ROADS CUM RIVERS”, schools are declared open and then exams are being appointed not thinking about those living in areas where even a rickshaw can’t attempt to visit. Schools should strictly maintain this because, if a student dies will they take the risk? Majority comes, that doesn’t mean minority will suffer. It is not politics, if you can postpone exams for cultural functions, why not for these devastations? If you take the risk, we’re on. Otherwise, find a better option.

My Hero – Happy Father’s Day

Who is a real warrior?
From the day we are born, we find a hero in one our closest. The hero who we’ll find at any stages of our life.
From feeding us, and our entire family to running a place where work strikes so hard to them. They still don’t utter a sigh of disbelieve that might make us fall.
Managing two places always. The official work and then our house hold. I’ve never seen him ever mixing all together but very sincerely managing both his life together, without a simple disturbance to any of the other.
I’ve seen how my hero has stood up to face problems that very rarely people faces. There are many to criticise but a little to apologise. Because people speak what they want to, even if they people that’s not what is happening in reality.
From giving us everything we wanted, to never letting a tear to be drop on our cheeks, he tried and is always trying to keep us the happiest of all.
Happy Father’s Day dad. Just a little try to tell you how important you’re to me. No matter who says what, I give no damn to them, because everything you say are the reality and truth for me. You’re my hero. And very proudly I say, when I grow up, I want to be like you!

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, to my mother and all the mothers around the globe. Life in earth is all dependent on you all.


“The beginning and ending of love rest in the arms of motherhood.
The chill of the arms of your mother on you is never described in words.
The inner joy you get, when you’ve your mother behind your back.
Very well said, “There’s a woman behind every successful man.”.


They’re always proud, whenever you do something good.
Did they ever laid back to support you when you needed anyone?
Picking your on their arms even at work.
To earn little penny, to get you whatever you want.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13

From the number of miss calls you got, every hour
to the one call you made asking her, “is everything fine, maa?”
From being carried to the bed to, carrying her to the bed,


The TIGHT HUGS, sigh..
The little dust flew with a little force of your hands.
And so did, all the mistakes and setbacks from our lives.
The entrance to abode of peace,
Are the arms of a mother.

I urge you,
If someone questions you, “Have you witness God?”
Don’t panic, look around.
You’ll find your parents ahead.


A sudden tremor then shook…
Melted down Mother Nature’s heart when she saw this.

The little child, who never had seen the love of a mother.
Those tough arms of the brother eventually carried him over.
No more stories he heard, like we used to do when we yelled in sorrow.
Quite maturely, he took care of his little brother.
Just to shower some love of their mother.
This is a life, that exists somewhere in Earth.
While we enjoy some deep fights with our parents,
They crave a little love to be showered upon them.


Some love never fades away,
Specially when it’s about your parents.

To my mom,
Thanks for being the pillar of my life. This day is meant for all the hard times you’ve come across for all of us. From the reason of Dad’s success to my startups, you’re our very reason. When we had people turning to us, who stood ahead to fight against all the odds. You always knew about what’s wrong or what’s right. Thanks for showing me the right path. Thanks letting me understand the power of silence. Thanks for teaching me life.
From your son….




With the cool sea breeze, high running current of the mighty river, sat beside on the slippery stones, a mother and a daughter. Seemed like they had a busy day so far, sweat dripping down their dark, tanned skin. Labour’s day was meant to be an off to them from their daily work, but never was practically declared. The daughter was keen to join her mother for her work as she had no schools, no tuitions, nothing. But that didn’t meant that she has nothing to do at home. Always dreaming of things which her parents usually never ever dreamt of. A very enthusiast on knowing about things she never came through.  With the sun playing hide & seek with the clouds, it perhaps went down for a moment gave them a little peace on earth during the hot, sunny weather.


As the cool air bloomed, mother unsealed her packet of a cheap cigarette, smoked as her daughter sat besides. Ragged clothes, surrounded with broken bottles, plastics and what not? Very knowingly did the daughter too enjoyed the time, looking at the pebbles being carried off by the high flowing water current, observing her mother enjoy the delightful feelings of her cheap cigarette, secretly in a deep thought of doing something better, because like always children think beyond what people imagine.



As the sun was busy playing hide & seek in between the pretty clouds, the mother after resting a while decided to start her work, because these hot, humid days are really bad for it. Her enthusiast daughter was keen on helping her, with her “wanna know more” attitude, obviously it describes perfectly how interesting & hardworking was she.


With her soft, little legs she walked through the pebbles & the big rocks, helping her mother, as she was enjoying the nature along side. She is definitely her mother’s best friend. Moving in from one place to another, only a sip of water she had, made her so energetic to even work harder. Well, ironically it wasn’t the food that gave her the energy to work, but her love towards her mother that helped her build her will and on that very day, when countryside people celebrated the “MAY DAY” as a holiday, in this part of the country, they discovered, a labour, the little girl who didn’t worked for the wages, but just to spend some extra time with her mother, and make her sweat lesser than what she actually did. 1st May, with the country sleeping and spending the holiday, the world discovered another pair of best friends. ❤ MOTHER ❤ DAUGHTER ❤

A mother’s best friend is always her daughter. No matter how much will she love her son, or no matter how much will the daughter claim herself to be closer to her father, the bond that a mother & her daughter shares cannot be described or expressed in words. It is defined well practically rather than in words. BEST FRIENDS, are family. They aren’t just being called for nothing. It should mean what it is meant for. 

Presenting a little story over labour day, which is a day to celebrate for us, but not for the labours for whom it is actually meant for.

Buttering- The X’factor

Being in India, we’re utmost familiar with the term “Buttering”. I would like to justify it as the ultimate “X-Factor”.

Usual scenarios, situations have made me realise the importance of Buttering.😂😂

Wait, before I begin anything, I would like to clarify that, Buttering is not a proper term but something which is sarcastically used to define these accidents.

Now, Buttering has led to several progessions in an individual’s life. Though which goes against the country’s development, but will they worry? Ofcourse not.

Let me begin with a story related to the most influential sector for a country’s growth and development, “EDUCATION”

Now, a little mistake to guide the students today can be a huge mistake tomorrow. With some social awareness, we’ve seen the endangered life of students in the rural areas due to the lack of proper teachers. This is a serious threat, which is not letting the country’s literacy rate grow!

The story of a little school, “Kurukshetra of Siksha”, (Battleground of Education), be the name of the story!

A school that began from a very little space, became one of the most recognized school of a country. Providing education to over 10,000 students, and most of them passing out with brillant results. With no complains it began it’s journey but soon started with controversies that weren’t even related to it’s education. The Principal who had a rush of blood in building his dream school, investing everything he has, for the bright future of his students.

Soon, after years, the education sector became more linked with social, culture and extra curricular activities. That’s actually good, which really help a student discover his/her ambition of becoming a great person of a particular field. 

When, these steps are brilliantly taken and ordered by some great personalities of a country for it’s development, the real thing that matters is it’s execution. This is do or die stage where if you slip, you die. And when you die, you almost kill many.

The Guru, The God, The Angel of a students or a child’s life is their parents. Ofcourse, but the one who comes next, are their teachers. We’re all quite familiar with news related to the education in rural sectors where uneducated and illiterate teachers are hired which have created a serious threat to the country’s literacy growth as well as the bright future of a child.

India, has become a land of reservation, not deservation, this is said by many. But does that really portraits us the truth? 

No, I believe, with some corrupt and selfish people, India has become a land where BUTTERING, (Muska marna) creates several slots for people to work. 

The story of the school, continues…..

The school authority hired several new teachers, who started from the Junior classes, where they were just part timers. And some were the best teachers of higher classes. Loved and respected by each and every student of the school.

But, the shocking thing is when such junior teachers step up suddenly at positions, which aren’t even things to imagine.

What else but buttering? They will always be found in the office of the head of the school, compliments, and sweet words flowing continuously and what else?

These are not something that are found only in the schools but something that happens in several offices, let it be private or government.

Usually, Government offices involve monetary cases, leads to corruption that is another significant threat for a country’s progression. The term “Buttering” has the same affect as corruption, just it seems clean and clear and aren’t questioned everytime.

I’m deeply sad and worried about the future of these sectors.  About the future of my friends, because these are real life cases, which I’ve always witnessed. I’ve seen how, deserving people are made to stand, and how people buttering and influencing the heads by any means to earn jobs and opportunities. Just see, how can one control every departments? Let it be in an office or a school. I’m keeping myself upto these two sectors only because I’ve heard some serious cases that are way more nuisance. I feel for the ones who work so hard, and everytime they’re surpressed by the “Corrupted” or the “Experts on Buttering”. Don’t worry, BELIEVE IN KARMA! GOD PAYS EVERYONE. AND THESE PEOPLE DON’T HOLD WITH THE WORD “FOREVER”.

I hope to see an India free of such influential actions that seriously affect very badly to the country’s progression.  To build a better country, we must stand with what we’ve, with what we’re capable of, not by snatching the positions of the deserving one, by money or any other sort of such actions, especially in the education sector. Don’t mix politics into it. Children are still young to understand, don’t play with it. And RESPECT, is something to be earned, not something that is asked for. A CHANGE IN THE EDUCATIONAL SECTOR, AND IN THEIR POWER ALONG THEIR USAGE IS SERIOUSLY NECESSARY.